Westside of Danville Top Restaurants

We are a food loving family. Mark is the BBQ king, Conor proudly has his name on multiple restaurant walls for food contests, and Caitlin has a sweet tooth that keeps her baking up a storm. We have all spent an ample amount of time in Danville over the past thirty years, which has led us to eat at all the great restaurants Danville has to offer. Especially the west side of Danville, given its proximity to our family home. For anyone looking for some restaurants to try, we thought we would give you a peek at our tried and true favorites, as well as some new terrific establishments.

(In no particular order other than what we’d like to eat most at this moment in time)

el nido

El Nido: We may be biased, but this is THE best Mexican restaurant. If you haven’t sunk your teeth into a burro bronco, your life is not complete. If it’s nice out, make your way to the patio for some fresh margaritas, chips, salsa, and a Mexican feast.


Domenicos: If you are fixin’ for a deli sandwich, this is where you need to go. Be sure to try their flavored mayos and don’t forget to call in your order during rush hour. You get to skip the line AND they give you a free cookie.* How’s that for a treat?

*Not 100% sure this is still their policy, but it’s worth a try 🙂


Yuki of Tokyo: Yuki’s knows their sushi. And their teriyaki chicken. Be sure to look out for coupons- it’s practically cheaper than cooking!


Pete’s Brass Rail and Car Wash: Walk in and look left to find Conor’s name on the beer connoisseurs wall. Yes, he has drank well over 300 hundred different beers and ate more tasty bacon burgers than he might like to admit. It’s no wonder he runs so much.


Pascal French Oven: After the Saturday farmers market, walk over to this cute French cafe on Railroad Ave. for an unforgettable pastry (aka the cinnamon twist) and cup of Jo.

peasant and the pear

Peasant and the Pear: You can always find seasonal menus for lunch and dinner, as well as great cocktails.  You will probably love it so much that you wish they had breakfast…but don’t fret. Head to their Courtyard Cafe in our neighboring town, Alamo.

forbes mill

Forbes Mill: Beef. It’s what’s for dinner at Forbes Mill. A perfect spot for date night or a celebration dinner.

valley medlyns

Vally Medlyn’s: Start your morning right with a delicious breakfast and an old fashioned milk shake at Vally Medlyn’s.

country waffles

Country Waffles: The country decor proves its authentic country cooking. Order a waffle with lots of toppings and you will be a happy country bumpkin.

And on to our newest favorites:


Sideboard: It’s new location is a perfect lunch spot for a healthy sandwich, salad, or even some enchiladas.

mangia mi

Mangia Mi: The newest Italian restaurant in town has been quickly accepted by all the residents. You can’t beat a good wine menu and some tasty pasta!

We’ve also heard about some new hot spots in town but haven’t had a chance to try them. Firehouse Grill, Revel, The Growler, and Yo’s on Hartz. Have you been? Tell us what you like in the comments!

What great Danville restaurants are missing from our list?

Pictures via Yelp



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