Five At-Home Dates for Valentine’s Day

You’ve spent so much time and money making your house a place you are excited to call home. So why not enjoy it to it’s fullest, even on special occasions? Skip the inflated Valentine’s Day prices and enjoy the Hallmark holiday for what it’s really all about: spending time with your partner. No partner? No problem. Invite a friend over for a fun night in the most comfortable place of all…home!

1. A fancy home cooked meal. Make something out of the ordinary, light some candles, break out the champagne, and end the meal with a rich, chocolately dessert. Why go to a restaurant when you can create the same ambiance and meal at home?


Need inspiration? Check out more Valentine’s Day dinner ideas.

2. Cheese, Wine, Beer, or Chocolate Tasting.  Buy a variety of one item and taste a little bit of everything. Talk about your likes and dislikes and you may even find a new favorite!


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3. Outdoor Movie Theater. Might as well take advantage of this crazy warm California winter! Set up a movie theater in the backyard, make some popcorn, and play one of your favorite movies.


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4. Game Night.  Everyone has a favorite game…play it! Nothing like some healthy competition to create some romance.


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5. Make a Theme. Pick a theme for your evening and revolve your whole night around it. How about Italian themed? Make some nice Italian food, watch Il Postino, and drink some Italian wine.


Check out some more romantic films based in Italy.

See? Even your home can provide a perfect Valentine’s evening. Best part is…you can even wear sweats.



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