9 Ocho Rios Place -Danville


9 Ocho Rios Place -Danville


***Open House Sunday, March 4th from 1-4pm***


Danville Delight!


Don’t miss this charming rancher on the Westside! Located on a cul-de-sac less than a mile from Downtown Danville and a quarter mile from the shops at the Livery Mercantile.


Built in 1958 this home offers 4 bedrooms, 3 Baths, and 2205 Sq. Ft. of living space. Upgraded throughout including the kitchen with quartz counters, subway tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances. Hardwood floors run through the home to the bedrooms and updated bathrooms, the master bath complete with frameless shower door, refinished tile and upgraded hardware.


4th bedroom can be used as an office or guest suite with a full bath adjacent. Expanded family room with lofted wood ceilings looking out over a flat 12,000 Sq. Ft. lot, perfect for entertaining!


A truly wonderful Danville opportunity that you’ll have to see for yourself!


Offered at: $1,424,000


For any questions, call Conor at 925-349-5777




Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Blog and GenBlue

Hi Everyone!

I will keep this post short.

Just got back from an educational (and fun filled) week in Las Vegas for GenBlue! The highlights include:

– Certification from the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing
– Newly minted Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Agent
– Time spent meeting and networking with some of the best agents in the business all across the nation.
– Time spent with CB Danville Colleagues
– The full Coldwell Banker #GenBlue experience. Classes, shows (Penn & Teller/Goo Goo Dolls,) motivational speakers.
– Elite Event w/dancing at the Hakassan Night Club.

It was a wonderful week of spending time with people who will push me to be better. Special shout out to my wife, Stephanie Dunn, who stayed home and wrangled our 3 kiddos while I was away. Super mom/wife!

Last item I want to share:  Coldwell Banker Global Luxury has a blog updated constantly where you can view beautiful homes from around the nation.  In case you want to see some amazing homes, follow the link:   Global Luxury Blog

As always, if you have any real estate questions, contact me any time at Conor@dunn-team.com

Want to know how much your house is worth? Go HERE!


Don’t know? Don’t answer.


Hi Everyone,


In real estate, like any business, you are constantly learning and evolving as you go. You have to accept right away that you aren’t going to be perfect and in fact, you might not know everything. Once you accept this fact, you have to learn how to shut up.

When I first started in real estate almost 10 years ago, I always wanted to have all the answers and I wanted to have them right away. This seems a pretty logical practice but oftentimes I would get myself in trouble if I didn’t know a specific answer to a specific question right on the spot. I’d answer with, what I thought, was the right answer. In reality, I wasn’t 100 percent sure.   Yes, I am admitting that I have made mistakes in the past (I NEVER MAKE THEM NOW sarc.) Buyers and Sellers will have a multitude of questions for you, that is a given. This is completely appropriate and encouraged. Buying/Selling a house is a HUGE deal and it’s important to make sure that everyone is completely comfortable. What I had to learn the hard way was that, sometimes, that answer could come back to bite you.




Client: Conor, do you know if the HOA covers hazard insurance?


Conor: Yes (In reality I’m not 100% sure…more like 90%)


1 month later when client has moved in and finds out that hazard insurance is NOT included, I am in trouble. In my haste to answer a question immediately, I gave false information and made myself look bad in the end. Here’s how I handle this question now.




Client: Conor, do you know if the HOA covers hazard insurance?


Conor: (Stop and think) Typically the HOA covers hazard insurance but I am not sure on the specific property. Let me check on that and get back to you as soon as possible.


Here is the most important part: I take out my phone and write a note for myself to check into this when I get back to the office. If I don’t set a reminder, I’ll likely forget.

The craziest part is that it is getting harder and harder to shut up. Cell phones/twitter/internet make it insanely easy to access information immediately thus increasing my desire to give immediate answers. Luckily, on the flip side, access is super easy. Usually, if I don’t have the answer, I can grab my phone and find it in a matter of minutes.

In the end it’s always better to bite your tongue and give a correct (albeit delayed) answer. Believe me, I KNOW that this should be a given. I also know that there are plenty of people out there who’ve never made this mistake and I applaud you 😉 In my experience though, there are a lot more who’ve made the same mistake as I have and looking back on my conversations now, I can only shake my head. You can either learn from it or be doomed to repeat yourself. I choose to learn.




P.S.  What to know how much your house is worth?  Go HERE!

P.P.S. If you have any real estate related questions for me you can email any time at Conor@dunn-team.com



Sold! -8460 Valencia Street, Dublin

Hi Everyone!


TL;DR (Don’t feel like reading? Scroll to the bottom for pictures!)

One of the busiest and most successful listings I’ve ever had was in Dublin this past May.  My clients called me to their home to chat about listing their property and what would need to be done to get it ready.  The reason that they wanted to get it ready was because they were a growing family and looking to get a bigger home.  The plan was to have their home completely ready to go so that if they found another home to their liking, we could put it on the market immediately.  Long story short, they found another home that they liked and we got them into contract (as buyers) contingent* on us selling their home in Dublin.

*Contingent meaning that they wouldn’t be able to close on their new home until they closed on their current home.

The race was on!  We had 3 weeks to get their home in contract or the sellers of the other property could back out of the deal…luckily my sellers were ready to go.  We got our stager over there to do some light staging, mostly declutter and adding a few accessories.  Touch up paint was used and the yards front and back were cleaned up.  Professional photographer came in and we had it on the market a week later.  Yes, I gave some direction, but the work and look of this house had everything to do with my clients.  They spent a lot of time and care over the years updating and maintaining their home and it showed.

THE WOW FACTOR: One thing I forgot to mention…Mrs. Seller is a landscape designer.  This neighborhood isn’t known for huge yards so given the space they had to work with, they had, without a doubt, the nicest, most welcoming backyard in the neighborhood.  The home was 1320 sq ft. but with this wonderful outdoor space, the home felt even bigger because you could spend your time out there any time of the year.

House was ready to go and we put it on the MLS.  I spent the next 5 days with my phone glued to my ear because buyers and agents were so excited about this house.  We had a twilight open house on Friday night followed by Open Houses on both days that weekend.  All said and done, we had over 200 groups through during the weekend.  Admittedly, we did list the home on the lower end of the value spectrum as we wanted to make it move fast but it wasn’t so insanely low that I could’ve prepared for this rush of interest.  We set a due date for offers and by the end of the day the following Tuesday, I had received 25 offers!  We had 3 offers that stood out above the rest and of those 3, one that stood out even above those.  Rather than send out counters, my clients wanted to be done with it. They accepted the highest and best and we moved forward.  I spent the next hour calling every agent back and letting them know how their offer fared in comparison to others.  This is something that I ALWAYS do.  If these agents have spent time writing an offer for their buyers, they deserve a phone call letting them know what happened.  It is always nice for agents to be able to call their buyers back and give them as much info as possible so they can be more prepared for the next one.

One last item.  Not mentioned above was the fact that seeing the look on our sellers faces when we showed them the offers was what made it all worth it.  Mr. Seller looked like he was about to pass out from shock.  This doesn’t happen often but when it does…I really do love my job.

We sold their home in 9 days (the buyers had all cash) and we closed on their new home in San Ramon  month later.  Amazing clients and I was so lucky to work with them.

TL;DR (Here are the pics!)

Details of the home:

Listed for $749,000

Sold for $852,000

4 Beds, 2 Baths 1321 Sq Ft with a 7,000 Sq Ft lot.


As always, if you have any questions, email me any time at conor@dunn-team.com

Want to know how much your house is worth? Go HERE!

Happy Friday!






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